Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentines ... I Love You

Our wedding, September 5, 1998
I met my husband in Las Vegas Memorial Weekend of 1993. We were poolside at the Tropicana swimming amid hundreds of bodies, when we met ... actually, when I made the first move. I was a fearless twenty-three-year-old, then. He was there with this buddies from Waltham and I was there with my girlfriend, Racheal from Orange County, who ended up coming down with a horrible case of food-poisoning. Had she not gotten sick, who knows if I'd have had all that free time on my hands.

Three years later in 1996 he tracked me down to tell me he was coming out to Orange County for a wedding. Our future was sealed with a single question: "Will you have lunch with me?"

And so, I did.

Junior taking a nap.

Nine months later I relocated to Boston, we eloped to Vegas, nine months after that we had our "public" wedding, five years later we had our son. When I think of the journey we've been on, not always smooth, sometimes bumpy, I can't help but wonder how different our lives might've turned out had we not met at that pool in 1993. We are so lucky to have been brought together by fate, since I later learned that he wasn't even supposed to be on that trip. Somebody, somewhere was guiding us.

Daddy and Junior

Wishing you a much loved and happy Valentine's with your family and friends.