Sunday, April 21, 2013

Women Empowering Women

I remember in my younger years refusing to take advice. Didn't matter if it had to do with school, boyfriends or clothes. I declared my independence at a young age, did what I wanted, disregarding los consejos of woman who had a lifetime of experience. Not any more.

Creating Choices

The Adelante Movement: The Wisdom of Latina Legends promotes women empowering women. It taught me the importance of mentorship and that we should heed the advice of the Latinas who've come before us, not be afraid to "ask" for their help. We should be helping each other, not competing.

Left to Right: Rita Moreno, Charo and Maria Elena Toraño

Experience = Wisdom

I was in awe of the extraordinary Latina legends who spoke candidly with us; these women are accomplished, fit and filled with positive energy. They shared their stories of success and after hearing the obstacles and hardships they battled along the way, it became clear to me that their lives have been no easier than ours. What distinguishes them from 99% of the population is that they never gave up.


Charo, whose energy was jaw-dropping, shared that she overworked herself between the ages of seventeen and twenty-six, depriving herself of all her youth and life had to offer. Her advice to daughters is to live a full and balanced life.

Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno, who is relishing her freedom, read an excerpt from her newly-released memoir. She reminded us that the possibilities are limitless "for those of us who choose to no longer play the victim" and shared that she found dark places while writing her memoir. She wept when she revisited her wounds, but that their hold released on her.

Maria Elena Toraño

Maria Elena, the founder of the National Hispana Leadership Institute (NHLI) and a three-time presidential appointee, spent her life "searching for peace." She advised that when you "overcome your ego, your priorities change." Also, that we must learn to like ourselves.

Adelante Advice
  • "Mission" and "Money" are not the same. Pursue your passion, but if your passion is not earning you an income, reevaluate. You must make an income first. There is no shame in making money. 
  • Have a big goal.
  • Learn from those who came before us -- knowledge is currency.
  • To be chosen, you must choose yourself first.
  • "Nothing will make you feel better than self-reliance."
  • "It's never too late to right the wrongs of the past."
  • "Maintaining our health and wellness is the best form of self-love." 
  • We all need therapy.

I love that The Adelante session is that good shake Latinas need to squash complacency. We should all be setting goals and supporting each other. My Adelante pledge is that although I can't promise to be fearless, I can promise to be brave. I will view those things outside my comfort-zone as "experiments." Most will fail, some will lead to breakthroughs. I will live life on my terms.

Tanto que quiero a mis blogueras-hermanas.
They inspire, support and help guide me.

The Adelante Movement creates opportunities through Coca-Cola and promotes women empowering women in entrepreneurship. Follow them on Twitter at @AdelantePower and Facebook to learn more.

Thank you Nely, Adelante and Coca-Cola for promoting women in entrepreneurship.