Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Who Gets To Say Who's 'Proud To Be'?

Teaching Tolerance is an educational organization founded by the Southern Poverty Law Center that raises social awareness in classrooms through its free resources. They shared this two-minute video on their Facebook page this past Sunday. The clip was posted by Films For Action. It's short and powerful. If you are someone who "doesn't get why some people are so angry" over the use of the name (racial slur) "Redskins" for a football team's mascot, please watch it a couple times and sleep on it.  Then watch it again.

Unfortunately the National Congress of American Indians did not have the funds to pay to air this spot. I wonder what the reaction might've been had it aired given the vitriol to hit social media over the Coca-Cola spot.

Take the time to read the comments. Then sleep on those, too. And read them again. I've included one below.

How does one reason with someone who's incapable of empathizing or acknowledging that by virtue of their unearned privilege they get to call the shots, so to speak? It's the very thought process (or silence) that has led to our country's history of racial injustice, not to mention the extermination of this land's indigenous people.