Friday, March 18, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I have a few words of gratitude for romance writer and on-line friend Layna Pimentel, who surprised me with The Stylish Blogger Award, recently.

Layna and I have been friends on Twitter since 2009, where we met just before our first Nanowrimo. She helped keep me motivated, challenging me to writing sprints while online. And because Nanowrimo wasn't stressful enough, we soon after tackled an on-line grammar class that taught us a thing or two about modifiers.

Thank you for your friendship and support, Linz. *big, big hugs* Looking forward to the next three years. To learn more about Layna or to visit her spicy (adults-only) romance blog, please click here.

So I'm supposed to reveal seven new things about me ... yikes.


Here goes.

Seven Things:
  1. I despise peas. I see peas and immediately think slimy, green, smashed caterpillars. 
  2. I used to own a pet boa constrictor. I named her Chloe. She was so cute when I first bought her: the size of a No. 2 pencil. Then she grew. And grew. And grew. Her size never really bothered me. In fact I enjoyed her weight on my shoulders, as she ran the length of my arms, fingertip-to-fingertip. Our relationship, one based on mutual respect, changed the the day I attempted to move her after I'd  handled her food. She was a snake. Snakes smell with their tongues. And I hadn't washed my hands. As any snake would, she mistook my hand for the rat I was about to feed her. I never felt at ease handling her after she bit me. So I sent her to live with another boa named Buddha. As far as I know, they had no offspring.
  3. I once entered a beehive competition when I worked for the Media Department at the Orange County Fair. 
  4. My favorite place to visit in Southern California is the Griffith Park Observatory. When my sisters and I were growing up, our parents would take us there on weekends to explore the observatory's exhibits and surrounding grounds. It's a beautiful and tranquil place for a picnic.
  5. I'm still petrified of spiders. Why? Because they're nasty little creatures that can do this. No lie.
  6. I believe extra-terrestials exist. How could they not?
  7. Yes. I'm so old that cars looked like this (below) when I was three. At least it's not a horse-and-buggy.

In the spirit of sharing, I'd like to direct you to a handful of sites I like to visit when I want to learn something new:

Being Latino | Informed group of Latino writers who blog about current events, cultural topics, women and issues affecting all Latinos.

Landless | Tony Noland: Flash fiction writer and all-around interesting guy. Once even wrote about bear-trapping.

Shournalista | Julieta Talavera: Amazing photo-journalist and bilingual Spanish-English writer. Love her Chinatown podcast.

Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar | Martha Brockenbrough: Educational and funny.

The Character Therapist | Jeannie Campbell: A psychologist's take on fictional characters.

Warrior Writers | Kristen Lamb: Invaluable blogging and writing advice with a touch of humor.

What to Read | Katie K.: Voracious reader and friend. : )

Writer in Progress | Judy Manning: A writer in the trenches who writes entertainment reviews and about all things paranormal.