Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Peeps Chronicles

Peeps Rainbow Pops are NOT allergy-friendly
(Perhaps they're packaged on the same floor as the Peeps Bunnies.)

Easter Bunny's Gone Bye-Bye

A couple weeks ago Junior cornered me at CVS as we examined the Peeps Marshmallow display that contained one of the few allergen-free Easter candies that he can enjoy, again. He asked me as we compared the ingredients on the packaging if I was the Easter Bunny. He'll be eleven this year. I guess it was time.

We Have Food Allergies

It was during this same visit to CVS that he proved himself an adept label reader. So while I'm sad that my baby isn't a baby, anymore, I feel a sense of relief that he's now able to make educated decisions and avoid packaged foods that might contain dairy, eggs, nuts, soy, fish and/or shellfish.

Note: Allergen Information on the Peeps Rainbow Pops states that they may contain
peanuts, tree nuts, milk, wheat, soy, eggs, and coconut.

Peeps! We Can Enjoy Them, Again

For a while he'd enjoyed Peeps Marshmallows during the major holidays. That is until a couple of years ago an allergen-warning showed up on the packaging. We were disappointed because it was a candy that he was able to enjoy with his peers that didn't leave him feeling left out.

So imagine my surprise when he waved a box of Peeps Marshmallow Chicks in my face and said, "I can have these!" I was skeptical because the Peeps Bunnies I'd just scrutinized had the allergen information warning. But he was right; the Peeps Chicks did not. Thinking it was a packaging mistake, I told him that I didn't feel comfortable letting him have the Peeps Chicks. Being the practical kid that he is, he asked that I please call the Peeps people to verify.

Upon calling the Peeps 800 number, a pleasant customer service lady verified the information. She explained that the Peeps Chicks and Peeps Bunnies are manufactured on different lines on different floors and that in spite of their rigorous flushing of the equipment, that they are required to place the allergen information warning on the label, for which I'm thankful.

Really, it's little things such as these that make this Mama happy. We can enjoy our Peeps Chicks worry-free.

Happy Easter ... Peeps. :-)

Peeps Chicks Are Allergy-Friendly!

Peep Marshmallow Chicks are allergy-friendly

Peeps Bunnies Are NOT Allergy-Friendly!

Peeps Marshmallow Bunnies | Not allergy-friendly