Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hen Lays First Egg! Who's The Mama?

Hen lays first egg.

Let me start out by saying I owe my hens an apology. "Girls, sorry for complaining about you in my Spanish Friday post last week. I feel bad. I do. Truth is I was getting a little restless. Seven months and no huevos! I wondered if I'd ended up with two sterile hens.

Usually, when I pop open the chicken coop door, both Samantha and Pearl are climbing all over each other to get down the ramp. I followed the same routine this a.m. Trudged out back through the basement slider, heard the Girls clucking their greeting as I approached, lifted the coop door's latch with a finger, but instead of seeing one of the Girls pop out, something rolled down the ramp. FAST.

Guess what it was?

Our first egg!

Baby Mama

You would've thought I'd laid the egg, I was so happy, running around, looking for the iPhone and camera to memorialize the occasion. There was one small problem, though. I didn't know which of the two hens to congratulate for the egg.

That was until I visited My Pet Chicken to do a little research ...

Pearl scrutinizes egg.

Pearl is a White Leghorn, which means she'll be laying big white eggs. She's just growing out of her pullet (teenage hen) stage, so I don't know why I even thought the egg could be hers. Kind of looks like she didn't know what to make of the big brown egg.

Oh, happy days. :-)