Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rejection Never Felt So Good

Jonathan Livingston Seagull imparted some wisdom.

Finally. It happened. I submitted something to get published. It only took me how many years? The sky didn't fall. A swarm of locusts didn't obliterate my small town. I lived!


Funny thing about the rejection is that I couldn't be happier, reason being that it means I finally stepped into a huge fear, and rather than feeling deflated, I'm energized.

Hehe, we'll see how long that lasts.

Thanks to the education I received at #Readercon14, at least I now know the "type" of short stories I'm drawn to and have been writing. They're speculative! Who knew? Certainly not me. True to my preference for pieces that are gritty and right wrongs, the 6,000 word short story I submitted is threaded with a bit of lore and addresses systemic injustice women endure in a small Mexican border town.

I've got these stories dancing in my head that want to come out. Relieved to have come unblocked and happy to be moving forward.

Just happy.