Friday, April 8, 2011

Mi Primer - My First Spanish Friday


Antes de que yo naciera,
Desde las nubes te vi.
Te quiero, Mami.

Pase años esperando te
Sabiendo que algun dia
Vendrías por mi.
Te quiero, Mami.

En el corazon de mi alma
Supe que siempre serias
Una muy buena Mami.


No me gusta la traducion de este poema en Ingles. Se oye horrible!
I don't like the English translation of this poem. It sounds awful! o_O



Before I was born
I watched you from the clouds
Mom, I love you.

I spent years waiting for you,
Knowing that one day
You'd come for me.
Mom, I love you.

In the heart of my soul
I knew you'd always be
A very good mommy.

Spanish Friday was developed by Tracy López, the author of Latinaish, to help encourage Spanish and non-Spanish speakers, alike, to practice their Spanish. Gracias, Tracy! Big-huge-hugs to you. And to my new friend Chantilly at Bicultural Mom for gently prodding me. *una abrazo*

Okay. Full-disclosure, here. My Spanish is remedial, at best. I see this weekly event as a wonderful opportunity to learn from other people's writing and to regain some of the confidence I lost speaking this beautiful language as a child (more on that later).

I've been taking a few risks of late, this was one of them. ; )

Hey, maybe some of you guys would like to try?