Saturday, May 12, 2012

iPhone Moments

Happy weekend! Hope everyone is enjoying a little down time before Mother's Day. Just for fun, wanted to share some random moments I captured with my iPhone this week, starting with this one...

We got "flocked" by our local Relay for Life Team last night. The clever note left on our front door read,
"A fundraiser is being conducted by Team Proulx to raise money for the Relay for Life. This flock of flamingos has gathered on your property to roost. In case you did not know this, flamingos are extremely territorial and unless they flock to another lawn, they could roost on your property for a very long time. Removal of these flamingos should only be done by our trained professionals since they are highly skilled. Please fill out the information below and we will come and remove this flock of pesky birds." 

Pond on my commute to and from work. Don't mind getting stuck in rush hour traffic.

TIP: Ladies, always take a picture of where you park in a parking structure. Especially if you're going to be heading back to your car alone and in the dark. I find it helpful at the airport.

This tortugita was crossing the street in front of our house. Don't believe what you hear about turtles being slow-pokes. Mr Turtle, here, was bustin' a move to get away from all the neighbor kids that descended on him.

Margarita glass dog biscuits? Yes, even dogs celebrate Cinco de Mayo. o_O

A sampling of stickers you can earn at DailyFeats for making progress on personal goals (check out the iPhone app). Met them @MassInno this week and fell in love with the concept #bebetter.

Neighbor's Magnolia bush

Chicken parm calzone 2Die4