Friday, October 19, 2012

I Love New England

Conservation land in Lincoln, MA

I love fall in New England, with its frosty mornings, bright blue skies and air so crisp and clean it permeates with earth's raw scent. Leaves, once green, turn into reds, oranges and golds so bright, you'd swear trees and bushes were on fire at every turn. Beautiful, or not, they're a promise that winter stretches its long, spindly fingers into October.

Was going through my iPhone and came across some pictures that made me smile, because they represent so much of what I love about New England, from its quirky language, distinctive architecture, to its passionate sports fans.

Would like to share some of what's made me smile with you ...

Cookie Monstah

Interesting cookie truck, wouldn't you say? Bostonians (my husband, especially!) have a distinctive manner of speech. They say "cah," instead of "car," and "dawg," instead of "dog." 

I guess the Cookie Monstah should come as no surprise.

Harvard Book Store, Harvard Square, MA

Harvard Bookstore is a dangerous place to visit. I go solely for the remainders tables that are loaded with an unbelievable selection of hard cover books at a fraction of their original cost. It's amongst the piles of books at these tables that I discovered Isabel Allende, Julia Alvarez and Laura Restrepo.

Leaves changing in Harvard Square, MA

I wish I could capture the true colors of these leaves. Doesn't the tree look like it's on fire?

Typical New England home.

If I were a little shorter (and I'm short), would love to live in one of these typical 1800s New England homes. I wonder if people were shorter back then, or if they had to stoop to get around their homes. What a pain.

Dunkin Donuts

Sports ... well, need I say more?

Harvard University

The hallowed gates of Harvard University.

And this, friends, is what Halloween looks like. :-)