Saturday, December 31, 2011

NEW YEARS EVE: Satisfying a Craving for Homemade Tamales ...

8 lbs pork + garlic + onion + salt = boil for 1.5 hours
Ever since mi mami left for CA earlier this month, I've had a severe craving for homemade pork tamales. Being in the midst of the holidays, prime tamale-making season, and missing her got me into the car this morning and en route to the local Latino tiendita.

Who do you think I called for that twenty-minute ride home? I realized at that moment how much of a blessing it is to have her a phone call away. It served as a reminder, too, of how much more I need to pay attention, so as not lose the connection to my family's Mexican traditions.

Remojando las ojas en agua tibia.
With each passing generation traditions get passed on and are adapted ... well, I'm starting my own traditions, here, a ver como salen tamales hechos estilo Ezzy! Mi mami swears I made them solita once while expecting my son. Honestly, I don't remember. But, hey, at this point, I'm lucky if I remember what I ate yesterday. Unless, of course, it's a TAMALE!

Mmmm, yeah, chile guajillo ... my husband's eyes are watering in his office ... jijiji : p
Simmered chile guajillo + Onion + Garlic = Blender
(Do not touch your face after handling these chiles.)


Add strained chile sauce to shredded pork.

Add salt to-taste. : )
Nice and spicy!
A masar! No messing around here. This part makes me nervous.
These photos courtesy of my mi'jito. : D

Ready for the sauna. Steam for about 1.5 hours.


No frijoles refritos, no arroz, nothing else -- just pork tamales (y mi Tecate : ).

Abrazos y besos a todas mis amigas y los cuantos amigos que me visitan.