Friday, May 27, 2011

Moscas Muertas

The English translation follows, below. | La traducción en inglés sigue abajo.
: )

"Mami! Mami!" dijo mi niño. Acababa de regresar de la peluquería con su papa." Jamás te morderán los zancudos. Este mata-moscas los quema." Agitaba en el aire una objeto qué parecía raqueta de tenis. 

"¿Qué-qué? Como qué los quema?" Pensaba que se burlaba de mi.

"Mira." Se oía todo entusiasmado. Con la ayuda de su papa, le metío una pila a la empuñadura de la raqueta y los dos comenzaron a atacar un zancudito qué volaba en la sala.


Se me enchino el cuero con el ruido.

Hicieron chicharrón del zancudo.

No mentira, esta curiosidad qué solo cuesta cinco dolares en BIG LOTS sirve comó un sueño. Solo tiene uno qué acostumbrarse al olor de insecto asado.

p.s. No mata arañas. Eso lo descubrí yo.

Hay invención para todo. | There's an invention for everything.

Mientras escribía este post, no podía dejar de pensar de un dicho que mi mama siempre nos decía cuando tratábamos de esconder las averías que hacíamos ... "Son unas moscas muertas."

Dead Flies

"Mom! Mom!" my son said. He'd just returned from the barber shop with his father. "Mosquitos will never bite you, again. This fly-swatter burns them."

He waved an object resembling a tennis racket in the air.

"Whut? What do you mean it burns them?" I thought he was fooling with me.

"Look." He sounded all excited. With the help of his father, he put a battery in the handle and immediately attacked a mosquito flying in the living room.


My skin crawled with the sound.

They fried him [direct translation: They made a pork rind out of him].

No lie, this object that only costs five dollars works like a dream. You just have to get used to the smell of roasting insects.

p.s. It doesn't kill spiders. That I discovered, myself.

As I wrote this post, I couldn't stop thinking of a saying my mother used to say to us whenever we tried to hide our mischiefs ... "You're a bunch of dead flies." (Translation: Flies playing dead, waiting for you to walk away. : )


  1. Orale! Necesito conseguir una de esas cosas. El mes que viene va a ser tiempo de lluvias, y con la lluvia llegan muchisimos zancudos. I could really put it to good use! LOL

    Love that there is an invention for everything now. :)

  2. hahaha really they make everything for anything.

  3. I have to laugh at the warnings: "This is not a toy!" "Use only as directed!" I can see my children 'Fizzat'-ing each other all summer!

  4. It's good to practice my reading in both languages. ;)

  5. I know someone who uses it. There are insect corpses all around him. Maybe I'll get one.

  6. I sure could use this!! There is a fly trapped in our house who is "super-fly" with "super-insect strength" and we can't get rid of it!!!

  7. @Leslie Quieres qué te mande uno??? Our house backs up to a small pond, so I know what you're talking about. Do you know I always thought "zancudo" was spelled with an "s." *LOL* Couldn't figure out why it wasn't showing up when I tried checking the spelling. Doh!

    @Adriana This little invention, I'm grateful for ... enough with the cooking gadgets that take up room in the kitchen. This little guy is useful!

    @Jen, how awful am I? It never occurred to me my son might use it on one of his friends. o_O

    @BellaVida Spanish Friday is the best activity I ever started for self-improvement. I'd always avoided writing in Spanish before, even to practice.

    @Medeia It works, huh?! A little annoying with all the zzz-zzz sound, but better than getting eaten alive inside your house.

    @Tara You have to check it out. Best $5 bucks ever spent. And this one my husband got from a friend of ours who kept a bunch at her salon. : D

  8. Lol! This is too funny. I absolutely hate flies, but hearing them fried makes me shiver too...EWW! I could see my husband using this on the in-laws...LOL! ;)

  9. Chantilly ... no lie ... every time I see a fly, I think of the old black and white movie THE FLY and the scene where it gets stuck in the spider web. Yacka! *snorts* I like the in-laws idea! : D jajajaja


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