Friday, June 3, 2011

Is There a Connection Between Language and Personality?

Do we think and feel differently in different languages?

Am I Nuts?

For those of you who are bilingual (or multilingual), are you aware of a difference in how you express yourself, depending on the language you choose? For example, are you more playful, serious, careful or humorous, when writing in one language versus another?

I know it probably seems like an odd question, but I've started to wonder about the relationship between language and personality, since I started exercising "Esmeralda," the Spanish side of my brain.

In my case, I've noticed a few things. For example, the Spanish side of my brain is irreverent and playful. She wants to poke fun at things. Other times, her emotions cut deeper than anything she could express in English words. She wants to open her heart.

Something else ... this girl, Esmeralda, keeps wanting to push my pen places the English side wouldn't normally go. How's that?

It's as though my Spanish mind is set to the age of the little girl who allowed herself to get swallowed up by English, and so many other things. Sounds strange. I know. Whatever the explanation, I'm both intrigued and a little afraid by it. We'll see where Ezzy and Esmeralda go. : )

Do you think it's possible to think and feel differently in different languages? If so, how much of this difference do you think has to do with a language's cultural origin?