Sunday, September 25, 2011

Loving Life ...

Driving through Harvard Yard at Harvard Square in Cambridge.
What a difference a week makes! The picture on top is one I took on my first day of school last Saturday. Don't you love the blue skies? The second one I took yesterday. Kind of a trip to see the difference seven days can make. Both days I sat at a traffic light waiting to drive around Harvard Yard, one of my most favorite places in Cambridge. You can't help but take a deep breath driving by the beautiful Harvard campus.

Running late for class, como una loca! Some things haven't changed. *LOL*
I was shaking in my boots last Saturday as I drove into my new school's parking lot. The school I chose is one that was founded by a handful of Harvard graduates who wanted to make a graduate education accessible to everyone. It tailors its programs to adult-learners with all classes being scheduled nights and weekends. Getting into the program may be easier (no GRE or GMAT requirement), getting out is not.

The two professors I've met, so far, are high-energy and entertaining, making huge chunks of class time fly by. For that I'm grateful! And my fellow comrades are from all walks of life and cultures, some who will be going back to their countries after they've earned their M.Ed. Many of us are facing similar challenges with having to juggle busy schedules, family life, etc.

I'm registered for three classes this semester: Intro to Counseling, Counseling in Schools and a tri-semester Proseminar, where we study research methods and write an independent research paper on a topic of our choice. At the moment, I'm in search of a pre-practicum site, as I need to shadow a licensed School Guidance Counselor for 75-hours. Plus I need to take and pass the MTEL before I can do my first practicum/internship. It feels awesome being back in a learning environment, meeting new people and working toward a goal. Kind of like chewing on a thick steak!

I did something else kind of crazy this week: I attended a Toastmasters meeting to help me get more comfortable with giving presentations. I think I found a good group that meets weekly near my home. The people were really warm and supportive, enough that I got up to the podium and blabbed for a minute-and-a-half during "Table Topics" (impromptu speaking on a topic) about what I liked and disliked about the fall. Coming from California, originally, it was an easy topic for me to discuss. Hello -- seasons ...

More to follow.

Life is good, challenging, but good.

The leaves are turning!