Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Spooky in Savannah

Stairs down to River Street, Savannah GA

A night of reverie and laughter
Libations and cheer
Brought women together
For a friend, so dear.

Twas late in the evening
Whilst lightning flashed overhead
A night of levity interrupted
by the lure of the dead.

"Follow me to a place down by the river," the man said.

Clothes clinging to bodies
All sticky with sweat
They followed the man
Promised a sight
They might not soon forget.

Through thick air they pressed
Down stairs and an alley
They bantered and frolicked
Half-wary, half-weary
Over cobblestones
Toward a darkness so dreary!

Do you believe in apparitions,
Residual energy
Ripples in time?
I had my thoughts,
How they've changed.
Oh, my.

River Street, Savannah GA. This photo has not been retouched. Shot with iPhone 4.

When first gazing into the cavern
Rumored to have once held grain,
Maybe munitions,
Quite possibly human pain,
A milky darkness screamed mute secrets,
Revealing no names.

River Street, Savannah GA. This photo has not been retouched. Shot with iPhone 4.

I had the chance to visit Savannah for a whirlwind weekend trip for my friend Adriana's 40th birthday last weekend. The evening we went out to celebrate we came across a friend of hers who gives haunted ghost tours. Within minutes of meeting him, we followed him to the place shown in these pictures.

These spaces were illuminated with small fluorescent lightbulbs that cast a drab grey light. Where this green came from I have NO idea. What I can tell you is that none of my other friends' cameras picked up this ghastly green that reminded me of Ghost Hunters.

Left us all feeling a little creeped-out.

What do you think?