Thursday, August 2, 2012


A Picture Sets Her Free

by E.G. Languzzi

A moment captured on film moves her.

She sees a happy toddler.
Ask her ... Was she happy?
She'd probably tell you her memories are unreliable, at best.
That at times their intensity blind her.
And that at others, a reluctant spectator peers through streaked glass.

When she sees this picture she sees a family business,
The place where she built walls to protect her from the chaos without,
While creating a prisoner within.
These walls might explain her chemistry.
How she came to be.

This much she knows ...

At least she had two parents
At least she had a home
At least she had siblings
At least she had food
At least she had hopes and dreams
At least she had shoes

When she sees this picture,
She sees a reflection of her past
And a glimpse into her future.

That much is true.