Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Little Game of Blog Tag - Siete (Seven)

Gracias to Tara Castillo-Me and the Mexican and Chantilly Patiño-Bicultural Mom for tagging me in this clever game of "Siete." The object of the game is to find posts in your blog archive that you think satisfy the seven categories listed below. *smiles* I enjoyed this game.

Thank you, again!

Most Beautiful Post
My Sister and Best Friend

Most Popular Post
Book Review: Burro Genius by Victor Villaseñor

Most Controversial Post
Book Review: Push by Sapphire

Most Helpful Post
What do You Mean Our Son Can't Read?
(Realized recently I never wrote the follow-up posts!)

A Post Whose Success Surprised Me
Is There A Connection Between Language and Personality

A Post That Didn't Get The Attention I Felt It Deserved
What Is It About Jane Eyre?

Post I'm Most Proud Of
El Dia E

Hardest part of this game is narrowing down your list of friends to just seven. Buena suerte!

Ladies, tag, you're it <3

  1. The B3 Blog
  2. Empatheia
  3. La Dulce Vida
  4. Bella Vida by Letty
  5. La Familia Cool (Bilingual)
  6. Mami Holistica y Genial (Spanish)
  7. What to Read

If you participate, please be sure to come back and include the link to your post in the comment's section here.