Sunday, October 9, 2011

"What Do I Know?": Inspiration and the Source of Writer's Block

A few weeks ago I posted at Multicultural Familia a review for THE HOUSE ON MANGO STREET by Sandra Cisneros. It's a collection of vignettes that spoke to me in ways I didn't expect and that has stayed with me since. I'm left with thoughts about the choices I've made and those that were made for me. No dwelling, here. Just awareness, understanding, optimism and hope.

Cisneros has a soothing effect on me when I hear her. She takes me away to think. These are the authors whose books I love. The ones who make me go inside to tease apart the noodles of my mind.

I wanted to share a short clip. In it, she talks about inspiration, graduate school and resonance. She also offers an explanation for writer's block that I know is 100% true for me.

Is it true for you?