Friday, June 1, 2012

Feeling Grateful This Friday

Today I've been asked to write about gratitude.

Where does one start, or stop, giving praise when there is so much to be grateful for?
When the mere act of being able to write these words fills me with thanks?
Gratitude is a sentiment that makes my heart swell when I gaze into my young son's eyes.
Gratitude is the place I want to be every minute of every day that God blesses me with life.
Gratitude is the food I eat when I yearn for something more.

I am grateful for ...

... the life-giving air that I breathe

... a family to love and who loves me

... having raised a son with a strong sense of self

... words left unsaid but not unwritten

... prayers answered in the darkest of times

... books, books, books -- my road to salvation

... health without which nothing else would matter

... a circle of friends more akin to sisters

... a curious mind some might call strange

... having the freedom to choose which path to take.

It is for these things, above all others, that I am grateful.

What fills you with gratitude?

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