Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vroom ... Vroom ... There Goes the Sushi!

Wasabi Modern Japanese Cuisine at the Natick Collection, Natick MA

Well, well, well ... what do we have here? An unexpected treat! My trip to the Apple Store at the Natick Collection, today, turned up one of the coolest experiences I've had at the mall in a long time. Then, again, I couldn't tell you the last time I went to the mall, since these trips are usually reserved for iMac cords or Genius Bar visits.

Take a close look at this photo. Can you guess what this beautiful crab stick and avocado sushi plate is doing?

Zooming by! Sushi on a conveyor belt. :D

It's moving on a conveyor belt! Around the perimeter of the entire restaurant and within arm's length of the diners. I almost died as I stood there watching one of my favorite foods go round and round and was seriously bumming that I'd already had lunch.

The sushi called, nonetheless, and a "Big Kid's Bento Box" (I'm a sucker for mega-cute) made it into this big girl's bag.  Here are two samples that were sitting on the hostess' counter.

Wasabi "Big Kid's Bento Box" at the Natick Collection

I learned that the sushi is "radio-controlled." Each one of those little orange platforms on which the sushi sits has some kind of radio-frequency ID chip that lets the sushi chef know what's traveling and what needs to be replaced. Can you say, "Smart"? Yes, I'm a nerd.

Here's the dine-in menu:

Wasabi dine-in sushi menu.

The color rings correspond to the sushi plates and help diners tally up their ticket. :-) And this is the kid's menu that I ordered from:

Wasabi kid's menu
The options couldn't be more adorable. Hello -- a peanut butter and jelly roll. And this is my "Big Kid's Bento Box" unveiled at home. Wasn't expecting it to have two compartments. The white rice was a nice surprise and the spicy tuna roll was super-spicy. 

I don't usually post about these kinds of things, but this was just too fresh of an idea not to write about. The entire experience made me smile.

Have you ever seen food traveling on a conveyor belt? If so, was it sushi?