Saturday, June 23, 2012

What Is It About Public Speaking?

Honest to God. What is it about public speaking that makes so many of us want to run and hide (or more, like, drop dead)? You know what I'm talking about: the shaking hands, knocking knees, sweats, racing heart. Makes you want to run out and give a presentation, doesn't it?

I'm in the middle of preparing the slide deck for my research presentation on Wednesday and, although, I'm not as nervous as I'd normally be, there's still this thread of discomfort pulling through me, like a tiny inch worm.

Part of why I'm not petrified is because I've been with this cohort, now, for three semesters, but more importantly because I've learned that negative thoughts are just that, thoughts that can't own, possess, or have the power to control me, unless I ALLOW them. It's taken me a while to grasp this important truth, but grasp it, I have with a lot of work.

What I've found comforting the last couple years is learning of all the powerful and influential people who are afflicted by stage-fright and that really only a small percentage of the population is naturally at ease speaking in public. Even so, still wishing I could be a little more like all my extroverted friends who can't wait to "perform." I envy each and every one of them. Gimme a little of that!

So, I've decided to punch FEAR in the face (or, as I'd say back home, "kick its ass").

                                                                              Source: via Deana on Pinterest