Thursday, June 7, 2012

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Kermit, You Drive Me Loca

The thing about "memories" is that you never know when one's going to come along and bite you in the butt. Especially when said bite comes from a frog named Kermit and the memories are of childhood vacations taken to Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara is a coastal town dripping with Spanish influence situated a couple hours drive north of Los Angeles. It boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern California, dubbed the American Riveriera, a pier and long windy boardwalk, the same boardwalk on which my sisters and I roller-skated and found a flawless Kermit doll, lounging on his side, as if waiting for us.

I look back on these vacations, now, with mixed feelings, due to learning in my early twenties that our father had a secret family living there and that I have four half brothers.

My green hero would become in later years a symbol of family secrets, sibling rivalry and wanting to grow up too-fast. This, here, is a picture I stumbled across on Pinterest this week. I love it for its casual irreverence. It pokes fun at this symbol that has stayed with me these last 30+ years.