Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's Your Guilty Reading Pleasure?

Are there books that make you feel as though you're about to indulge in a slice of seven-layer chocolate cake?

The seventh installment in Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Series, All Together Dead, was my guilty pleasure this week, without the calories. *big smiles*

These books, laden with dark humor, are Harris' quirky take on the Deep South, when vampires come out of their coffins -- literally -- to live alongside humans, after the invention of a synthetic blood called Trueblood.

The heroine of this series, Sookie, is a waitress and telepath who falls in love with one of these vampires in the first novel and soon discovers that "blood-suckers" aren't the only supernatural beings living among the blue-collar residents of Bon Temps, Louisiana.

Supernatural humor aside, discrimination is an issue that threads the series when vampires become the new underclass, which is ironic, seeing as Harris' vampires are "superior" in intellect and physical strength to humans.

Something that tickles my imagination when inside Sookie's head is what it might be like to be telepathic. Would I use that power? In the first six novels, Sookie despises her ability. She's constantly barraged by the intrusiveness of it, which explains her fondness for vampires: their brains are dead. It's not until this seventh installment that she discovers a positive application for her power.

Light, but thought-provoking reading for mature audiences, The Sookie Stackhouse Series is my chocolate cake, with a smidgeon of social justice thrown in for good measure. 

Tell me, what's your chocolate cake? : )

Sookie Stackhouse: Southern Vampire Series
(I have four to go!)